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Student Evaluation 

At our online English school, we believe in the importance of constant student evaluation throughout each lesson. We use a range of methods to ensure that our students are actively engaged and able to track their progress. This helps our highly experienced teachers to identify areas where the student may need to improve, as well as areas where they are excelling. It also helps our teachers to ensure that the lesson plan is tailored to the needs of the student. We believe that this constant evaluation is essential for successful learning.

Engaging Lessons

At Owlsby we offer engaging lessons that are designed to keep students interested and motivated. Our lessons are interactive and include a variety of activities such as role-playing, questions, and conversations with native English speakers. We also understand that learning a new language can be difficult and sometimes boring so our teachers are trained to keep the lesson light and fun but with a solid foundation on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Our teachers are highly experienced in dealing with many personality types and will adjust the lessons according. With our engaging lessons, you can learn English in an enjoyable and interactive way.

Lesson Adjustments

Here at Owlsby, we recognise that every student learns differently and that each student should be given the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best. This is why our experienced teachers are able to adjust their teaching approach to fit the needs of each student through our student evaluation program. By tailoring the lessons to the student's individual requirements, we are able to progress faster and more efficiently than other schools that are currently available. We understand that each student is unique and this should be taken into account. 

Beginner to Advanced 

At our online English school, we offer a range of courses to suit all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our beginner courses are designed to help the student develop a solid foundation in English, while our advanced courses allow the student to build on their existing skills and knowledge. Our experienced tutors will be on hand to guide our students through each step of the way, helping them to become proficient English speakers. With our online learning platform, students can access lessons and study anytime, anywhere. So, whether your child is a beginner or a more experienced English speaker, you will find the perfect course for them.

Student Reports

At our online English school, we provide monthly reports for our students. These reports provide the parents with feedback on the student's current progress and include areas of strengths and improvement. Our reports are designed to help parents measure their progress and understand the areas that their child needs to focus on. We at Owlsby will then take the required action to encourage the student within these focus areas and overall help them move forward with their language learning journey.

Student Focused

Our Online English School offers a student-focused approach to learning that makes it easy for students to learn English. We use a combination of online tools, interactive lessons, and personalised structure to make sure our students are getting the best education possible. Our experienced tutors are committed to providing each student with the individualised attention they need to succeed. We strive to provide a fun and supportive learning environment for all our students so that they can reach their full potential and progress in the English-speaking world that awaits them.


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